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Malaga – least expected opportunities

I recently returned from short break in Malaga. 

As with planning any holiday or short break, my first thoughts turn to the photographic opportunities that may be on offer. After a Google image search, an Instagram check and a quick scoot around Flickr, I usually settle on my target photo locations. Then follows protracted negotiation with senior management (wife) on how much camera time can intrude on our holiday – she makes Michel Barnier look like a pussycat! Final thoughts turn to what camera/lens combo will be required and how much suitcase space can be sacrificed. 

On the face of it Malaga didn’t seem to offer too much in the way of photographic promise. After all Malaga surely is just the hub for people to venture onto the ‘agadoo push pineapple shake a tree’* pleasures of the Costa del Sol or cultural delights of Alhambra. This meant judging volume/weight of the camera equipment required was going to be straight-forward – minimal. This also dispensed with the need for aforementioned tough negotiations (might just be able carry credit forward !!). 

How so wrong I was about Malaga. The Old Town of Malaga is just wonderful, offering stylish, historic architecture and a happy family centred vibe. The harbour area offered sleek lines and shapes (see pic) and chic bars, while the residential part of Malaga provided a grittier outlook (see pic). 

Malaga is truly stunning city and provides a diversity of photo opportunities. 

So what were the lessons learnt? 

1. Always be prepared for an unexpected photographic opportunity – have the camera (and options) always at the ready. 
2. Research more thoroughly – note to self 
3. Brexit style negotiation skills and compromises may be required at short notice!! 
4. Watch out for the local Malagan sweet wine – it removes any feeling below the knees. 

Tip for Malaga: 
Go to the Atarazanas food market and have a bowl of anchovies with a glass(es) of Malagan sweet wine. 

Bottoms up! Julian. 

* With thanks to Black Lace for a sound of summer.