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Too Much Frasier Crane

Hi. Welcome to my new and improved website! This ‘Blog’ business is new to me but I shall try to make the content interesting, relevant and varied. Here goes…

I love photography. I don’t understand all the intricacies and the nuances of photography – way too little room in my head! What inspires and motivates me are discovering moments that spark creativity, captivate me, and ultimately leaving me happy and content. This can be the planning of a photography trip, the moment of ‘being there’ or the contentment of viewing the final picture back at base.

I follow and read a great deal about photography. If you took on board everything you saw and heard on the subject, you could quickly be tempted to walk away from photography and feel despondent of your abilities and comparisons with others – don’t. Photography is about enjoying the moment, the experiences and the people you may meet along the way. So what if the ‘Golden Hour’ may not be so “Golden”? So what if the foreground interest may in fact not be that interesting? So what of the complexities of ‘Hyperfocal Distance’? Treat those issues lightly, hold firm and just enjoy the moment and experience of life. The rest will follow.

Enjoy your photography.


PS. I promise to be less Frasier Crane in my next blog!